The most versatile online-reservation system
for self service flea markets

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About us

From the country that brought you the self service flea markets ("itsepalvelukirpputori" in Finnish) comes a software solution that transformed the industry to the digital age.

Having been developed for over 12 years now, there is no other software in the market that can match the variety of features and benefits that Zellr can provide your flea market business with.

Take your business to the next level

Use the service that transformed flea market business

Cloud service

The service is available to you whenever and wherever.


The service works on any device that has an internet connection and a modern web-browser. No installation needed.

Client registry

Stores all the client information and shows each client\'s details like contact information, reservations, payments, debts, sales tracking and history in one page.

Client log

See all the activity related to a single client in a glimpse.

Find what you are looking for

Thanks to the electronic client registry and numerous report views and search options the information you need is always just seconds away.

Online reservations

Let your clients make reservations on their own online and free yourself to do other more productive things


The service can sen automatic reminders to clients about upcoming reservations or unpaid rents via email or SMS.


Use the client registry to send out marketing emails or SMS.

Mobile app

Clients and easily track their sales wherever they with a powerful mobile app.

Printable versions

Most of the functions offer a printable version to ease the daily workflow in a flea market.


You can create an interactive floorplan where clients can easily see the location of tables and make reservations.

Continuous backups

The data stored on the service is continuously backed up to multiple locations so that you may sleep better at night.


The service updates automatically and you always have the latest features at your fingertips.


Connect to our integrated webshop platform to increase product sales and visibility online.

POS system

Zellr comes with a POS system

Sales tracking

Clients can track their sales in realtime from the web or the mobile app.

Product pricing

Clients can price products online

Information synchronization

The sales data is continuously uploaded to the online service where you can view statistics on them.

Reservation payments

You can easily take reservation payments from the POS system

Kirppari-Kalle works on any device with an internet connection and a modern web-browser.


The numbers speak for themselves

Used in over 180 flea markets
In 10 different countries